Top 8 Tips and Tricks to Mastering FIFA ’19


Here the tips and tricks to mastering FIFA’19 by our professional FIFA player Ryan Pessoa.

Learn How to restrain the goalkeeper

For this, you are able to move right and left based on where you believe your opponent will shoot, and I believe this is a significant skill it is possible to increase your game to stop conceding finesse or even low-driven shots.

With this you don’t truly have to restrain your centre-backs, and that I would rather restrain my defensive midfielder, somebody like Kante, that I will utilize to drift from left to correct . I believe that the AI is generally more affordable than the average participant, so I really don’t like to restrain my defence too much.

You Don’t have to move ahead

When you have ownership in midfield, you don’t always have to move ahead. A difficulty in my sport has ever been that I believe I must strike, attack, assault, but occasionally in the event that you move it back into your full-backs and change play, begin attacking down the opposite side, there are more openings in their drama. Check out more here if you want to put your skills up to use,

It’s possible to use LB/L1 to make a run and RB/R1 to pull on back your player.

Afterward, I will reach RB to pull you back and let for a through ball on target. Doing so makes the defenders step ahead and make space .

Use timed finishing

That is just another facet brand new to FIFA 19. Pretty much, if you time the shot powering it up then pressing the shoot button when you’re just about to hit the ball, then you receive an increased likelihood of the ball moving in.

Find formations that function for protecting and attacking

This year they included Dynamic Tactics, therefore prior to the game you may set up different strategies for various formations. You may assign them to various instructions on the D-Pad prepared to use as fast as possible .

When I’m playing defensive, I’ll utilize a 4-2-3-1 Wide therefore it’s more streamlined and that I will find a great deal of people on the other side of the ball. However, should I go assaulting I will possibly have a 3-5-2. That means it’s possible to change dependent on the current score and the way your opponent is acting.

Locate the nearby post from corners

Your competitor will drift away in the participant in the post along with your attacker will normally acquire the header or bike kick it in the back of the internet.

Instead, call a participant short

Usually with a couple of guys free on the border of this box, you can have your strategies set to approximately three pubs on corners and only pass it into the free guys on the border of this box. From that point, you may either blend it from this angle, then dribble it take a shot or move it back into the corner to attempt to dribble it down the line and find a better angle according to target.

Put more to your free-kicks

I’ve Lionel Messi in my group. What I could do is media LT and RB to produce Rakitic and Suarez develop and pretend to choose the free-kick. From here I will pretend shot or move it behind. Doing so typically frees up a participant out of the wall, also, which makes it simpler to receive your shot .

Select the Vital players

In FIFA 19, it’s ideal to get a group that’s quite physical. You need tall centre-backs like Virgil van Dijk or even Davinson Sanchez, that are 6’2″ and over and may win the ball from the atmosphere. Exactly the same with full-backs, you need someone like Kyle Walker or even Alex Sandro.

For attackers you’re taking a look at precisely the exact same thing, tall players that are great jumpers, such as Roberto Firmino. Those players are more valuable than somebody like Raheem Sterling who’s rather tiny. Although he’s nimble, he isn’t physically strong enough to find the benefit of centre-backs such as Van Dijk.